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Wow, such an inspiring quotes for us as travelers! So much adventures, beauty of the world, cultures, histories and of course culinary trips that always blow our eyes and mind every time we go traveling. The more places we visit, the more we feel so small compare to this world.

Who are us?


Hello! We are two travelers, calling our self “Travel Monster” and “Tiny Traveler”. We love to adventure, traveling, try out culinary trips, share our stories with writing and photography. We started our adventure since 2012 until now, spare some times in the middle of our busyness to travel and enjoy this world :)


Where have we been?

We started our adventure in Indonesia, Asia, Middle East and Europe. And we still continue to travel and adventure, in Indonesia and other countries. We like nature, history, culture, city and local food.



Why we write OlingGO.com?

We’ve experienced so many adventure stories in our travel journey. We want to share our stories, share photos on out adventures, share taste in our culinary trips, and inspired you to go traveling!

You can read out stories at different destinations in Indonesia and other countries, and we always add a tips for traveler :) You can also read our itinerary recommendation (for you who are planning a trip), read our culinary review for you to try soon, and read our review about accommodation or tour, that might be useful for you.

What destination highlight of OlingGO.com?

Of course Indonesia! Indonesia has a lot of beautiful nature – beaches, mountains, seas, so many different and rich cultures, so much history that we must preserve, and of course super delicious food :)

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What kind of traveler we are?

We are light traveler, who like practicality (especially light luggage). We are traveler who like adventure by our self, using map, camera and internet :) And, we also like to run everywhere, while enjoying the natural scenery around (also to fade fat from culinary trip :p)


Where you can find us?

Please follow our Instagram , Twitter & Facebook account to get our latest update. For our culinary trip, please follow our Instagram, enjoy!

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